Executive Dashboard Solutions

Senior leaders are too busy collecting reports of various dimensions and spend too much time to assess and validate the big picture.

Executive Decisions

Paloras CX 360 brings the disparate data and helps to correlate them (or not) to help Senior Leaders make the right decisions quickly and get the organizations to mobilize taking actions faster. Your customer will be delighted to see how much you know about them.




Customer Patterns

Looking for patterns that might indicate a customer is having trouble, monitoring for customer experience issues are all ways to become proactive. Use the enterprise collaboration to follow the customer, track the actions and bring the right team and resources to improve the customer experience and loyalty.




Customer Feedback Loop

The Customer Feedback Loop consists of Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, creating and monitoring the Customer Health/Happiness Index, input from your Customer Advisory Board, frequent outreach to/touch-points with your customer, etc. This requires a lot of human interaction but our technology can help support the interactions by providing context and data.