Paloras CX360



Analyze and track the overall GTM success. Understand customer interactions across all processes, channels and platforms, and help drive proactive actions to improve Sales and customer experience.

– Consistent, accurate and timely customer data
– Process-centric and robust business rules-driven actions
– Up to date information and better decision-making
– Enhanced customer focus and loyalty benefits




Measure the health of your customer install base (across product usage/adoption, purchases, support, sales, survey feedback and other dimensions).
You can open your source system to execute more complex transactions and preserve data integrity. Integrate with your on Premise and off Premise and Cloud based applications to view and analyze information to drive Sales and Service GTM success.




Wouldn’t be wonderful to drive actions as you see what requires attention in the dashboard? We provide the capability to execute transactions into the source system directly from the Paloras CX 360.